About Me

There is a saying in some countries, ‘Never trust a skinny chef!’ That’s not true in Momo’s case. Momo thinks about food all day long. She is continually researching food, experimenting with new recipes, and of course, and eating the food. Perhaps that is because Momo is very conscientious about the healthiness of what she creates. Japanese cuisine is considered to be one of the more healthy cuisines with it’s emphasis on vegetables, and natural ingredients, and limited starchy or fatty dishes. But Momo takes it a step further: even in meals with frying, she’ll teach you the healthy approach to get a great tasting dish without the high fat and calories.

Momo is from Okayama, Japan. Okayama is famous for its peaches. In fact, the word for peach in Japanese is “Momo” (桃). Her full name, Momoko means peach-child.

Momo grew up cooking for her family and discovered she loved cooking early in life. Out of love for her family, she began early on seeking to prepare healthy dishes her entire family of all ages would enjoy. And they have for many years. Now she wants to take the mystery out of making Japanese food at home for you. Come back often, and let Momo know which recipes are your favorite!”

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