Sa-Si-Su-Se-So :)

Here’s an easy way to remember the order of Japanese seasonings:  “Sa-Si-Su-Se-So”.

Sa (砂糖 Sugar) Sugar is a big molecule. Use sugar first. Sugar softens your foods.

Si (塩 Salt) Salt is the opposite of sugar.  Salt hardens up your foods. Use salt after using sugar.

③A Su (酢 Vinegar) Vinegar has a nice smell and flavour.  If you want to use vinegar, use it last to finish off the seasonings. 

③B Se (醤油 Soy sauce) Soy sauce also has a nice smell and flavour. Use soy sauce last to finish off the seasonings.

③C So (味噌 Miso) Miso is a very sensitive seasoning. Use Miso last to finish off the seasonings. I usually use Miso only in Miso soup. Miso is not used too often.

Following this order of seasonings is basic in Japanese cooking. Enjoy cooking! 🙂


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